Enaxm has a version of Apple’s AirPower wireless charger

By:www.ihnly.com    September  09,2020

The wireless charging pad Apple, AirPower, which allowed you to charge three devices of the company at the same time, never reached the market. There are some useful alternatives, however, and Yosemi is the company that most recently introduced one, the Powered Enaxm 3-in-1 port, which has a cost of US $ 130 and is already available.
The two main charging spaces offer a 10-watt capacity for smartphones that support fast charging speeds (the iPhone XS or higher and Android models) while the built-in charger for the Apple watch offers 5 watts. When Apple canceled AirPower, it said the product “did not meet” the company’s high standards; however, the rumor was that the pad was overheating. While this new model has a more conservative design – you can’t place the devices anywhere – Enaxm highlights that its Powered 3-in-1 port has protection to prevent overheating and overloading, as well as protection for any peak of Energy. It is powered by an AC adapter.

The port without charging devices. Ready to go.
The port has a sleek design and appears robustly built with good weight. It has a soft-touch rubber finish that Yosemi describes as an “anti-scratch surface.” While it does attract some dust, the surface is easy to clean – we got the darkest graphite color, but it also comes in white. All in all, it’s a good wireless charging base if you can afford the expense.
Yosemi is also offering the new Powered Wireless Charging Stand ($ 60) and Powered Wireless Charging Pad ($ 40) in a bid to enter the wireless charger market.
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