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After-sales service commitment

1. During the warranty period, ENAXM promises to inspect and repair the products for you at any time. At the same time, we can provide out-of-warranty and extended warranty services. Product quality failures are subject to relevant national laws and regulations such as the Three Guarantees Law.

2. During the product warranty period, if you have after-sales questions and need to consult, you are welcome to call our customer service hotline: +86 755 2905 0218, or online customer service Skype or WeChat, Service hours: Monday to Saturday from 9:30 to 17:30.(Beijing Time)

3. After-sales service processing cycle: Put forward processing opinions within one working day after receiving the goods. The normal maintenance processing cycle will be processed for you within 30 days from the date of receipt of the defective product. National statutory holidays, due to the postponement of service by the after-sales service centers of some brand manufacturers, the repair time has been extended accordingly.

Return and exchange policy

ENAXM is a professional gift customization company with a complete order customization process and after-sales service. Strictly follow the customer's requirements to determine the samples for product production. Unexpected circumstances will cause the problem of return and exchange. We will provide the following solutions: After the customer receives the goods sent by ENAXM, please check whether the goods and the samples are consistent according to the contract. , Whether it is damaged and whether the quantity is complete. In the event of damage, low quantity, product quality problems, etc., please contact our after-sales service personnel in time, submit written objections and handling opinions within three days, and provide pictures or related certificates so that we can handle the return and exchange procedures for you in time.

ENAXM products are delivered to your door by logistics or express. Please check and accept carefully on the spot in accordance with the contract. Once the receipt is signed, there is no quality problem under the normal use of the goods, and the company will not bear the responsibility for return or exchange. When the goods do not meet the requirements of the contract, you can apply for return and exchange. When the goods meet the requirements of the contract and apply for return, in principle, the return is not accepted. If the customer insists on returning the goods, he must pay a 90% penalty for the goods. Once the customer signs for the goods, the company will no longer be responsible for product quality, product quantity and other issues, and will not accept return or exchange requirements. Within 7 days from the date the customer receives the gift wireless charging, if there is a quality problem, the customer can immediately contact the after-sales staff of ENAXM, and we will respond in time. When handling returns and exchanges, please be sure to send back the outer packaging, inner accessories, warranty cards, manuals, and other gifts.


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